Three weeks ago today

Hard to believe, but it was just three weeks ago today Ron and I got married. It already feels like such a long time ago, and no, I’m not saying that because the bloom is off the rose of our new status as husband and wife. On the contrary, I’m rather enjoying being someone’s old lady, and I think he’s kind of digging being my old man. 

What I wasn’t expecting was how much of a non-event the actual change in status would be, as far as how things feel on a day-to-day basis. At my bachelorette party, while I was swathed in a big pink feather boa and wearing my headband with bridal veil and devil horns and a candy necklace with a big ol’ penis pendant on it, my friend Carrie had asserted that “It feels different. People say it won’t, but it does.”

Um, yeah. Not so different. At least not yet. I still can’t stop looking at my ring, it’s so freakin’ pretty (custom-made for us by Voyagers Jewelry Design in Cambridge, WI). I was totally stoked to realize that, now that he’s on my insurance, we get the $200 rebate to go towards the CSA veggies. Other than that, meh…the day-to-day stuff is pretty much the same. The biggest change for me is just using the word “husband.” That still sounds weird to me coming out of my mouth. Huhhhhs-baaand? I love it, though. He’s my hubby, I’m his wife, and the dog is happier now because Mama and Big Daddy are no longer living in sin. Sweet, delicious sin.


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