Things I Love: Ecco Mist Citrus Natural Air Freshener

My grandmother always had a can of Glade in the bathroom. You could go in there, sit down for a 10-minute constitutional and, a few sprays later, the place would smell like…well, a 10-minute constitutional taken in a Country Meadow. Anyway, it’s the thought that counts, right? I never thought I’d be the type to have a canister of any kind of air freshener in my bathroom — why bother when a lit match or two does the trick? But then, Ron and I had breakfast at the Spring Green General Store, and they had some of this Ecco Bella Citrus Natural Air Freshener in the bathroom. I didn’t “need” to, but I spritzed a few trial spritzes in the air, mostly because I love the smell of citrus, and it was a “wow” moment. It was like a bunch of oranges exploded in the room, so delicious. I had to have some, even at the relatively dear price of about $9 a can.

Ecco Mist is made by Ecco Bella, a health and wellness beauty brand that has “revolutionized holistic, organic, cruelty-free products.” Definitely a mission I can happily get behind. This particular air freshener was an instant favorite of mine not just because it smelled great, but because all it contains is essential oils, emulsifier and water. That’s it! Nothing methyl or ethyl or otherwise unpronounceable and distinctly unnatural. And did I mention it SMELLS SO GOOD? Each can is made of aluminum, completely recyclable and contains about 2,000 sprays. About the only negative I’ve found is that, because it’s made with real citrus essential oils, I’ve found little “speckles” of oil residue on the toilet lid, but I consider that a small price to pay for the sheer citrus deliciousness. Oh, and it also comes in Lavender and Summer Fruit, but I’m sticking with my citrus.

You should totally get some. And then go to the bathroom and do what you need to do. The citrus explosion will take care of the rest.


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