Window shopping on Etsy: The “Saturday morning headache” edition

Here’s a few things on Etsy that are currently tickling my fancy. Good to know I can still be wooed by handmade merch while a marching band pounds away in my head, paying no mind to the ineffectual pleading of the Extra Strength Tylenol to “Come on, guys. Time to settle down.”

And, without further ado, the things I would gladly drop hard-earned cash on RIGHT NOW if I had it to drop:

Pregnant Whore Greeting Card

by sweetperversion

I can’t help it. This cracks me up. If a girlfriend gave this to me, I would laugh my ASS off, and probably consider it a highly valued keepsake of my pregnancy. What? I’m not a whore, but I do have a wicked sense of humor.

Red Poppies Earrings

by beautyspot

I’m a sucker for poppies. They’re one of my favorite flowers. I planted about six 2″ Oriental poppy plants in the backyard three years ago, and, since then, I’ve had big, gorgeous, papery red explosion blooms decorating that part of the garden every year. LOVE THEM.

Vintage Wallpaper Drum Shade

by Fondue

I kind of love this shop — it’s decoupage done with all kinds of vintage wallpaper. I think this shade, in particular, would look so cool in a study or den. It’s “lodge-y” without being chintzy.

Beef Meat Market Cuts Hand Printed Letterpress Poster

by YeeHaw

I love everything YeeHaw does, but, given our recent procurement of 329 pounds of Phil II, I’m thinking this would be a snazzy addition to a omnivorous kitchen.

Jack the Pirate Plush Vintage Chenille Scottie Dog

by leahkl

This is a bit of a nod to my Mom, who loves Scottie dogs. I’m considering getting one of these for The Colonel. With our Wendish pirate heritage, I figure a plush toy with a pirate theme might be appropriate. Plus, Jack just looks cuddly, don’t you think?

Women’s Sweetheart Hostess Apron

by CreativeChics

I don’t wear them a lot, but there’s something about aprons that I love. I think, if I were to get this one, I’d be tempted to cook in cherry red heels and lipstick. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I also love this one and, if I were a skinny girl, this one would be adorable.

Johnny Cash Calavera T-shirt

by MisNopalesArt

I adore Dia de los Muertos art, and have several awesome prints from the Newman Gallery in Prescott, AZ, just waiting for me to get the extra scratch to get them framed and wall space on which to hang them (might call for a bigger house). I’m not always into the more “modern” incarnations of Dia de los Muertos artwork, but I do love this calavera version of Johnny Cash. The only way I’d love it better is if it were a rendition of the “middle finger picture” from Folsom Prison.


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