Whole30 Day 3: Salty Snack Redemption

Apparently, my body has not gotten the memo that Day 3 was supposed to be hard. Yesterday was downright pleasant. I’m trying to think of a single difficult thing worth mentioning. I know I sniffed covetously in the direction of some toast and jam in the morning, and I do recall a few minor cravings for no-no foods, but, other than that, it was a pretty smooth sailing kind of day. It makes my most paranoid self question whether I may be mindlessly scarfing down grains, legumes, dairy and booze in an unconscious fog and then blocking it from memory, like a selective food amnesia or something. But nah, Occam’s Razor holds. I may just be having an easier time of it than some Whole30 participants. Or maybe my hammer has yet to drop? Who knows. In any case, I’m grateful for not having to deal with the exhaustion, headaches, keen cravings and other not-so-fun side effects I’ve heard reported by other participants at this time. We’ll see how Day 4 goes.

I did have a lovely epiphany yesterday morning, as I was getting my food ready for the day. It occurred to me all in a rush: OLIVES. I’ve been struggling with what to snack on, other than fruits and veggies, and I have always been a stone-cold sucker for snacking on the humble California black olive. I know, my girl Katie’s somewhere retching right now — she’s not a fan. But I pulled out a can of olives from the pantry yesterday morning, opened and drained them, and put them into a Ziploc bag, and felt like I was coming to work with Christmas in food form. Guys, I thought about those olives CONSTANTLY yesterday morning and, when the time came for my lunch, I opened that bag and started popping those little bursts of salty goodness into my mouth like the most paleo of bon-bons. Yes, I know they’re high in (good) fat, and it’s not something I’ll do all the time, but damn, they’re allowed and they’re delicious, so they WILL be going in my face with some regularity.

So, besides the Exalted Olives of Snack Redemption, here was the summary of Day 3:

What did I eat?


  • Two hard-boiled eggs
  • Handful’s worth of thinly sliced, grilled ham from our cafeteria
  • Spring mix salad with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a few sunflower seeds
  • Black coffee

Morning snack

  • Banana


  • Turkey burger with Penzey’s Tsardust Memories seasoning, covered in some of my homemade tomato sauce used for last night’s spaghetti.
  • Curried cauliflower mash with coconut, pear and celery (the last of it; getting a bit sick of it by now)
  • Delicious, irresistible California black olives

Afternoon snack

  • More black coffee
  • Organic Honeycrisp apple


  • Bacon-wrapped filet from Jim’s Meat Market
  • Mushrooms sauteed in olive oil, seasoned with S&P and thyme
  • Onions sauteed in olive oil, seasoned with S&P
  • Baked sweet potato, seasoned with S&P

How did I feel?

Day 3 was entirely doable. There was nothing dramatic, no feelings of longing or loss, or physiological recoil from the new absence of old eating habits. Day 3 was pretty fine, all in all. Considering that I hear Day 4 is when most people start coming out of the fog, I feel slightly ahead of the game. Let’s hope it lasts!

Oh hai, Day 4! How YOU doin’?


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