Whole30 Day 6: Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Weekend?

Day 6 was a Saturday, y’all. Saturdays are usually pretty decadent days in our household. We go to the Farmer’s Market, maybe out for breakfast, snack through the football games during the day (BTW, Michigan State…what was THAT about?), eat takeout for dinner. It’s not what you usually call a calorie-light day. But yesterday was the first Whole30 weekend day in our household and, I have to say, it went pretty well. And, if I think about it, it still wasn’t probably a “calorie-light” day, but it was definitely a more calorie-appropriate day. Ron even discovered that he kind of likes drinking black coffee (a Red Eye, specifically) more than getting his usual lattes from the coffee shop. I believe he also added: “They’re cheaper.”

I feel like we’re starting to get into a nice little groove with this program. We usually do our big grocery shopping trip on Sundays, but we went yesterday instead, so we’d have plenty of time left in the weekend to make up food for the coming week. Yesterday, I made a huge pot of that chocolate chili, which served not only as our dinner last night, but will go into the fridge/freezer to serve us later this week, too. As I’ve heard over and over again: this program is all about PLANNING and PREPARATION. It’s when you get into a bind where there’s nothing appropriate within easy reach that it seems a lot (LOT) easier to be tempted to cheat.

I also find, and I’m not sure if it’s just me, that I’m gleefully tossing leftover “stuff” into recipes, whether or not it calls for it. I’ve never been a strict follower of recipes, anyways, but these 30 days may push me even further into the improvisational, “kitchen sink” style of cooking. And, you know what? So far, it’s friggin’ delicious.

Here’s  how our Day 6 went:

What did I eat?


  • Two fried eggs
  • Sweet potato and onion hash, cooked in coconut oil with Penzey’s Northwoods Fire seasoning (ZOMG, so delicious)
  • Black coffee


Afternoon snack

  • Few cashews


  • Big bowl of chocolate chili, sprinkled with chopped avocado

How did I feel?

Great! No problems, whatsoever. I am feeling a little tired, but I think it may just be more that I’ve been “on the move” more than usual, part of that being the additional effort in the kitchen this past week. Even with college football on, which is usually an instant trigger for reaching for a frosty adult beverage or some sort of snack food, I had no real cravings yesterday. I don’t feel deprived in the least (now depraved, that’s another story), and all the stuff we’ve been making continues to be delicious. You know, this really isn’t a “diet.” That word has such a negative connotation, and there’s nothing negative going on here. It’s all good.

Hey Day 7, you lazy Sunday, you. Let’s see what you’ve got to offer!


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