Whole30 Day 10: Turning Wine Into Water

Last night, I was invited to attend a cookout here at work to mix and mingle with all our international branch managers. If you know anything about where I work, you know that pretty much every social gathering is going to include some adult beverages. It’s a good thing, EXCEPT if you’re on Whole30. So, I’ll admit, I walked over there with a bit of trepidation, not because I didn’t think I could find a non-alcoholic option, but because I haven’t really eschewed social drinking since I was gestating a small human.

Geez, that makes me sound like a total boozer, doesn’t it? Oh, well.

Anyways, I cruised over to the patio where the two firepits were ablaze, and the outdoor heaters were heating the outdoors, and the table was set up with lovely wine and local microbrews…and promptly picked up an ice-cold black cherry Klarbrunn. And started drinking it. And it was tasty. And you know what? It was all fine. I didn’t even miss the alcohol. It’s weird, because if you asked me, “Caroline, would you have liked to have had a glass of wine?,” I would certainly say yes, indeed I would have. But if you asked me, “Caroline, did you miss not having a glass of wine?,” I’d have to answer no, I certainly did not. My brain thought an adult beverage would be a lovely thing, but once I started drinking that sparkling water, my brain said, “Meh, this is fine, too.” Strange, yet odd.

My curiosity about reintroduction of these verboten foods continues to build: how DOES that work? How do you reintroduce such trigger-y foods in a way that lets you enjoy them, but doesn’t send you spiraling back down into the depths of a mindless opioid frenzy? It makes me nervy. I suppose I probably need to keep reading the book, huh? That’ll be my assignment for tonight…

What did I eat?


Morning Snack

  • Red pepper


  • One blueberry brat from Jim’s Meat Market
  • Sauerkraut
  • Cashews
  • Two pluots

Afternoon snack

  • Black coffee
  • Five prunes


  • Raw veggies and a few almonds
  • Baked mustard-glazed tilapia with a pecan-coconut crust
  • Steamed broccoli and broccoli romanesco

How did I feel?

I’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count. Onward!


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