Whole30 Day 15: Halfway to More Awesome

Whooo-hooo! Day 15’s in the books! Halfway there! Cue the balloons! Release the confetti! Halfway there! Halfway there! Halfway there!

Um, that’s great and all, but halfway WHERE? Halfway through 30 days, sure, but is that really what I’m measuring? More and more, I think not.

More and more, I think there is no halfway point to this effort, because this isn’t really a 30 day sprint, as originally advertised. This is a lifestyle change. The 30 days is just a palatable chunk that’s not overly scary on the outside. It’s simply a doable time period in which to diligently and very intentionally change your deeply ingrained (and often deeply unhealthy) habits.

And my deeply ingrained habits HAVE changed, even just in 15 days. Do I still get the occasional pang for a sugary or carby treat? Sure I do. But is it manageable and am I able to say no? It sure is, and I sure am. A coworker brought a huge bowl of delicious looking Beer Cheese Dip and a metric ton of pretzels to work yesterday to share with our department. Normally, I’d pop in five, eight, maybe even 10 times to sneak a dip or two throughout the day. Yesterday, I barely gave it a second glance. It just didn’t even sound that good.

And that’s where the magic of this lies for me. The 30 days is just a delivery mechanism for a change in the whole way you think about food. Sugar starts to seem slightly malevolent. Super carby things like bread and pastry seem a little gross. And the mind-blowing thing is when you realize that this is how it’s supposed to work; that you’re altering your body and brain back to its more natural state. That the carb-addicted fog you’ve been in for the past however many years is truly akin to someone with a substance abuse problem. You’ve been a sugarholic, and haven’t even realized it.

So, what am I halfway to? I suppose, most accurately, I’m halfway to the rest of my life. And grateful to be here.

Now, on to yesterday’s news:

What did I eat?


  • Big piece of savory breakfast casserole


  • Leftover carnitas (better the second day!)
  • Sauteed green beans and broccoli from our cafeteria (Morley assured me they were sauteed in oil)
  • A small salad’s worth of nibbles and noshes from our salad bar: broccoli, grape tomatoes, cukes, bell peppers, olives, eggs.

Afternoon snack

  • Few grapes


  • Plantain chips
  • Chicken curry over spaghetti squash (hubby made)

How did I feel?

Halfway to more awesome.


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