Whole30 Day 18: Close Calls With Illegal Sausage

Yesterday was an unfortunate day for my husband, and almost an unfortunate day for me. It involves illegal sausage.

Throughout Whole30, we’ve occasionally purchased packages of chicken sausages to have as quick backup meals (since they’re generally fully cooked and just need heating up). To this point, I’ve done all the chicken sausage purchasing, and had discovered, through my label-reading, that chicken sausage is a tricky business. You’d think it’d be pretty safe, but did you know a lot of chicken sausage is made tastier with CHEESE? Or SUGAR? I mean, really…why in the world does a garlic chicken sausage need sugar? Answer? IT DOESN’T! WHO DO I NEED TO WHACK IN THE FACE WITH A BUNCH OF KALE?

Anyway, at the last grocery store trip, my husband picked up the chicken sausage. Now, my man has a magic word when it comes to food: spicy. He’ll look for the spicy option in just about anything. So, when he went to check out the chicken sausages, he started scanning for his magic word and happened upon this package of chipotle Johnsonville sausages. And bought them. And fixed two of them yesterday morning for our breakfasts. And ate his entirely. Cue the ominous music.

I don’t eat breakfast at home during the week, so I packaged mine up (still not knowing even what kind it was), brought it to work and heated it up, putting it on the plate with my two hard-boiled eggs and a tomato half to make myself a whimsical breakfast Mr. Bill face.

And then I took a bite; a tiny bite I’d sliced off the end. And something oozed out of the sausage. Now, generally, things oozing out of sausage are probably alarming, unless it’s cheese, which you generally intend, unless you’re on Whole30, in which case, ALARMING. I looked closer.

Damnit. That’s cheese.

Poor hubby had gotten so twitterpated over the “chipotle” label on those sausages that he’d failed to also notice the mention of “cheese” in one spot and “monterey jack” in another. Could happen to any of us.

After giving the 98% of the remaining link to a willing and hungry, non-Whole30 coworker (thanks, Aaron), I assessed the damage. Hubby’s Whole30 was broken, but we decided he’d just keep going, and we’re both planning on doing it again in January, anyways.

But what about mine? Had I even gotten any cheese in that little bite? If I had, was it really enough to bork my entire nutritional reset over the last 18 days? Was my Whole30 a failure? Did I need to start over, too? I decided to get some group think on the matter, and the overwhelming response was to KEEP GOING.

So I’m keeping going. And I think hubby’s learned his lesson about carefully reading labels. You should, too. Take this as a cautionary tale, and avoid illegal chicken sausages, no matter how deliciously chipotle-y they might be.

After that drama, yesterday leveled out pretty well. Here’s what I ate.

What did I eat?


  • Two hard-boiled eggs
  • Several small tomatoes, halved
  • One tiny bite of illegal chicken sausage
  • Black coffee

Morning snack

  • Macadamia nuts


  • Leftover bacon-wrapped filet, cut into chunks
  • Salad bar smorgasbord, with various veggies and olives


  • Half a can of black olives, shared with my 15MO during her dinner (she takes after momma…loves, loves, loves ’em)
  • Burger with Penzey’s Tsardust Memories seasoning
  • Pan-sauteed carrot wedges with coconut oil, Penzey’s Forward! seasoning and kosher salt
  • Leftover mug of the roasted tomato soup from the other night

How did I feel?

So deflated when I thought my Whole30 was busted, and then so relieved at the reassurance of my fellow Whole30ers that all was not lost. People are awesome.


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