About the Wend

Hi, I’m Caroline. I’m a thirty-something lover of life, eternal optimist and sometimes funny girl. I love popcorn. I live in Madison, WI, with my sweet and funny hubby, Ron, our baby daughter who we call “The Colonel,” and our 110-lb. dog, Sugar Bear. I’m an Aries and a Fire Dragon in the Chinese zodiac. I’m a luddite software developer. I believe firmly in manual transmission cars. I’m strong. My nicknames are Lina, Leonard, Chesty and Poop Cake Girl. The maternal side of my family is Wendish, which you’ve probably never heard of. I have really full lips. Girls seem to notice them a lot. Guys notice my boobs more, which is fine, cause they are kinda nice. I am not good at organizing paperwork or filing stuff away. I like painting whole walls with a paintbrush and sweeping floors with a broom. My favorite flower is Crocosmia. I drink Guinness, have been known to sing for people and look for every opportunity to have me a little fun. Or some popcorn.

If you’re here and reading this blog, thank you. I’m flattered you’re spending some time with me. I hope I can make you smile.


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