Back in the Saddle Again

cowgirlOh, hi! Long time no write…right? Yeah, I’ve been away from blogging for quite a while, as most of you have probably, well, not noticed at all, because you have all kinds of other things to do with your time than fret about the currency of my silly little thoughts on parenting and Whole30 and whatever the hell else it was I used to write about back when I somehow was finding time to write. Except you, Mom. I know you’re always watching. I’ll be looking for the “Yay, you’re blogging again!” text message in 3…2…1…

In any case, I am making a return to this blog. I have some new stuff to write about. Can’t promise how frequently I’ll post, but, for now, it’s great to be back.


A apology to long-suffering January

Image by Ruth Sanderson

Image by Ruth Sanderson

Ahh, January. Look at you. You’re so fresh and sweet. Unspoiled, innocent. Your rosy complexion and bright eyes shine out over all us hobbyist sinners, with our multitude of minor transgressions, and we cling to you, desperately, with best intentions as the clock ticks over to the new year and we down the last of our champagne. “Please help us,” we cry. “We have lost our way.” Continue reading

Window shopping on Etsy: The “Saturday morning headache” edition

Here’s a few things on Etsy that are currently tickling my fancy. Good to know I can still be wooed by handmade merch while a marching band pounds away in my head, paying no mind to the ineffectual pleading of the Extra Strength Tylenol to “Come on, guys. Time to settle down.”

And, without further ado, the things I would gladly drop hard-earned cash on RIGHT NOW if I had it to drop:

Pregnant Whore Greeting Card

by sweetperversion

I can’t help it. This cracks me up. If a girlfriend gave this to me, I would laugh my ASS off, and probably consider it a highly valued keepsake of my pregnancy. What? I’m not a whore, but I do have a wicked sense of humor.

Red Poppies Earrings

by beautyspot

I’m a sucker for poppies. They’re one of my favorite flowers. I planted about six 2″ Oriental poppy plants in the backyard three years ago, and, since then, I’ve had big, gorgeous, papery red explosion blooms decorating that part of the garden every year. LOVE THEM. Continue reading

Things I Don’t Love: The “Just for Eric” version

So, my buddy Eric, after looking at my blog, gave me all kinds of shit about how I “love a lot of things.” The sarcasm fairly dripped from his words. It’s okay, I know he’s just completely jealous of my ability to feel my life in such brilliant, awe-inspiring color. I wouldn’t be surprised if it keeps him up at night. So, in his jaded, pessimistic, dyspeptic, Eeyore-ish, “my glass is half empty” honor, and partly to find out if he’s actually keeping an ongoing eye on the goings-on here, here’s a list of 35 things I don’t love (and, in some cases, might actually hate), in no particular order. Continue reading

On being a vivid dreamer

Some coworkers and I were on our way to lunch today, when the topic of conversation switched to dreaming (I think I switched it, actually). I started to regale them with some stories about my very vivid dreaming habits, and thought, “You know, I should write some of these down.”

“Hey, this is a dream”

I’m a lucid dreamer a reasonable portion of the time. This means I am aware that I’m dreaming and that I’m in a sort of subconscious playground and can do whatever I want. Curiously, I don’t ever do too much that I wouldn’t do in my normal life, so it’s definitely not about me taking opportunities to beat people up or rob banks or anything. It’s normally just an interesting way for me to explore my dreams with a heightened awareness and see what my brain’s cooking up. I can create some situations, control others. I’ll admit I intentionally got busy with Prince when I ran into him in a dream once, just because I was curious. He was fairly skillful for a purple Munchkin. Pretty much what I would’ve expected. Continue reading

The sweet spot of celebrity

On November 12th, the day after my hubby’s birthday, when he was in Michigan and I was hanging back here in forced bachelorette land, I met up with my friend Joann and a handful of other ladies (all of whom I hadn’t met before that night, but liked very much — hi ladies!) and went to the Majestic Theater here in Madison to see Bob Schneider play.

I’ve seen Bob before. Twice, I think. Both at the Club Tavern in Middleton. Both were awesome shows. Bob is an incredible performer, and woefully (or maybe thankfully?) underrated. I love his songwriting, his creativity and his irreverence, and I love how varied and eclectic his musical style is. I also love that he’s a little nasty. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s cute. Continue reading

Remembering the ruffly joy

So, I’m sitting at home this evening, tinkering away on the computer while Ron finishes up his day’s work downstairs, and just got inspired to write. I’ve had the TV on for a while to our usual post-workday MSNBC, and decided to flip through the channels and see what else was on. Usually, that amounts to depressingly little when you think of how many channels we pay for, but I digress.

So, cruising through the channel guide, I came across a documentary on one of the HBO channels called “By the People: The Election of Barack Obama.” Now, I’m an unabashed and completely unapologetic Obama fan. I voted for the guy with a smile on my face, a song in my heart and practically a whole flock of bluebirds flitting around my shoulders, so I flipped right to it (it was either that or “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”). Continue reading