A apology to long-suffering January

Image by Ruth Sanderson

Image by Ruth Sanderson

Ahh, January. Look at you. You’re so fresh and sweet. Unspoiled, innocent. Your rosy complexion and bright eyes shine out over all us hobbyist sinners, with our multitude of minor transgressions, and we cling to you, desperately, with best intentions as the clock ticks over to the new year and we down the last of our champagne. “Please help us,” we cry. “We have lost our way.” Continue reading


On being a vivid dreamer

Some coworkers and I were on our way to lunch today, when the topic of conversation switched to dreaming (I think I switched it, actually). I started to regale them with some stories about my very vivid dreaming habits, and thought, “You know, I should write some of these down.”

“Hey, this is a dream”

I’m a lucid dreamer a reasonable portion of the time. This means I am aware that I’m dreaming and that I’m in a sort of subconscious playground and can do whatever I want. Curiously, I don’t ever do too much that I wouldn’t do in my normal life, so it’s definitely not about me taking opportunities to beat people up or rob banks or anything. It’s normally just an interesting way for me to explore my dreams with a heightened awareness and see what my brain’s cooking up. I can create some situations, control others. I’ll admit I intentionally got busy with Prince when I ran into him in a dream once, just because I was curious. He was fairly skillful for a purple Munchkin. Pretty much what I would’ve expected. Continue reading